The 2024 Queensland Touch Football Junior State Cup has come to a stunning close, with champions crowned on the final day of the competition.

In partnership with Redland City Council and Redlands Touch Association, the Junior State Cup brought together 260 teams from 29 different affiliates across the state.

The finals day was a great celebration of touch football, and the first ever edition of the event hosted in South Queensland.

Queensland Touch Football CEO Greg Denny said: “Congratulations and thank you to all of our teams for a fabulous three days of competition here in Redlands for the Junior State Cup.

“Each year we are astounded to see the on-field talent, and this year was no different, and it’s been great to see the next generation in action.

“It would be remiss of me to not say a massive thank you to Redlands City Council and Redlands Touch Association in their help in bringing our premier junior competition to Cleveland for the first time,” he said.

There were battles aplenty as teams left it all on the field to be crowned 2024 Junior State Cup champions.

Gold Coast defeated Arana in the 18 Boys Final, with a final margin of 8-6.

Gold Coast’s Lennix Teika was named Player of the Final, and said the win was a great way to round out his time at Junior State Cup.

“It’s a pleasure – we came from a loss last year so it’s good to get one back,” Teika said.

“It’s my last year at Junior State Cup, so it’s good to go out with a bang,” he said.

In the 18 Girls final, Brisbane Metropolitan Touch Association BMTA’s upset crosstown rivals UQ Rebels by one try, 6-5 in a drop-off.

BMTA’s Kaya Hillman said it took a full team effort to get the win.

“It’s amazing especially because it’s my last year so it was really good to get the win. It was a really intense game, I didn’t know if we were going to get there so we’re really happy,” Hillman said.

“Before the game, it was a lot of trying to keep the energy up, good vibes and good music.

“It’s been good spending time with the girls – I love touch, I love this sport, so it’s good to see everyone here and it’s been a really good tournament,” she said.

Thanks also go to more than 290 referees, referee coaches, and referee panel members who officiated at the Junior State Cup. Congratulations to the referees who received upgrades and referees who received the referee of the tournament awards.

Male Referee of the Championship – Blake Cooper
Female Referee of the Championship – Isabel Watt

Male Junior Referee Encouragement Award – Jasper Elliott
Female Junior Referee Encouragement Award – Mary Stadhams

Congratulations also go to the Kerry Norman and Scott Notley Awards winners; Lilla Pratt, Rockhampton and Bailey Deakin, Toowoomba. Named in acknowledgement of two of the greats of our sport, the awards recognise young players who are considered great role models within their affiliates as well as for the sport, and who have had a long record of participation at the Junior State Cup.


Under 18 Girls Champions: BMTA
Under 18 Boys Champions: Gold Coast
Under 16 Girls Champions: Rockhampton 
Under 16 Boys Champions: Arana
Under 14 Girls Champions: Gold Coast
Under 14 Boys Champions: Redlands
Under 12 Girls Champions: Gold Coast
Under 12 Boys Champions: Gold Coast
Under 10 Girls Champions: BMTA Red
Under 10 Boys Champions: Palm Beach

Gold Coast Touch Association

Arana Touch Association

Wynnum Manly Touch Association

The 2025 Junior State Cup will be held between July 10th – 12th in Rockhampton at the Cyril Connell Fields and Norbridge Park.