Read through our most Frequently Asked Questions, and if we don’t have an answer for it, let us know by contacting us.

The Junior State Cup is an Affiliate competition. Only affiliate contacts may enter teams into the event. If you want to find out more about getting involved in an Affiliated competition click here.

The following age divisions are played at the Junior State Cup – Under 10 Boys and Girls (Challenge and Development Divisions), under 12 Boys and Girls (Challenge and Development Divisions), Under 14 Boys and Girls (Championship and Challenge Divisions), Under 16 Boys and Girls (Championship and Challenge Divisions), Under 18 Boys and Girls.  

Team entries will be completed via the online Nomination Form. Only affiliate contacts can enter teams into the Junior State Cup.   

Once your team has been entered and accepted into the event, you will be given access into your team via your affiliate contact. You must complete an individual entry online via Mysideline to participate in the event. View key timelines here.

For the 2024 Junior State Cup, the individual player registration fee will be $85.00 (inclusive of GST). The individual fee is payable via the Mysideline system when registering. 

Teams can expect to play between 3-4 games per day during round games (depending on entries and draw formats) and then a final series.

Typically the tournament goes for 3 days, each day starting at approximately 7:30am (subject to change) and into the evening. Finals begin on the 3rd day.

Junior State Cup is a go unless we advise otherwise on the website, email or via social media.

If you’ve lost an item during the day at Junior State Cup, please head to the Information Desk. If the item is not there, we ask that you leave your phone number with staff and a description of the lost item. We often come across lost property after the event has closed for the day.

Lost property is kept by QLD Touch Football staff at their Head Office at 83 Castlemaine Street, Milton, QLD, for a period of four weeks. Please call 07 3367 6250 post event to see if we have your lost item.

There are a number of options for parking around the venue, see more information here.

Generally we allow two teams per affiliate per division, however this is dependent on final entry numbers. If numbers allow, we will provide affiliates with the opportunity of three teams per age group. Affiliates must contact the Event Manager prior to entering their third team to seek approval.

If you would like QTF to organise a tent for your Affiliate or if you intend to bring your own tent to the venue, approval must be sought prior to erecting a tent at the venue.

Click here for more information and to submit a tent request form.

We’re working on the site plan for Junior State Cup at the moment. We’ll provide additional information regarding access as the information comes to hand.

Affiliates can generally drop off equipment to your designated affiliate tent on the afternoon of Wednesday 3 July before 5:30pm, but we’ll confirm with the Affiliate contact.

No access to vehicles will be given into the event precinct beyond the affiliate parking area during the event, except for event vehicles and medical services.

All results will be available here. More information available shortly.

All questions regarding results or protests must be completed by your affiliate coordinator. Please alert your affiliate contact to any issues which may arise and have the affiliate coordinator attend the information desk, which will be located within The Hub. We will do our best to manage any enquires regarding results or protests, however we will only discuss this with an affiliate coordinator.

During a game only the coach, assistant coach and a manager are allowed in a sub box. Each team official must wear affiliate uniform. Anyone found in the sub box who isn’t a team official can be asked to leave by event staff, QTF officials and the officiating referee.

Yes. All QTF affiliates will be required to have the Qld Touch Football (QTF) logo on their QLD Junior State Cup uniform. You will be required to utilise a QTF approved apparel licensee, a list of these suppliers can be found here.

Unfortunately, some of our event precincts do not cater for our beloved pets! We ask that you please leave them at home.

We are always looking for healthy options for our events, please view the vendor application document here for more information.

Queensland Touch Football are dedicated to providing a safe environment for all participants, team managers, officials, spectators and staff.

  • Do not attend training or games if you have flu like symptoms
  • Promoting physical distancing of 1.5m off the field of play
  • Promotion of good hand and respiratory hygiene. Additional hand sanitising stations will be available around the venue
  • Regular cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces and equipment.

Further information regarding the COVID Safe practices that will be required for JSC will be available on the JSC website and will be communicated to affiliate coordinators, participants and spectators in the lead up to the event.

If you are experiencing flu like symptoms, please do not attend the event.

In the event you are unable to attend due to illness, please contact QLD Touch Football on 07 3367 6250 or complete an enquiry form to advise your withdrawal from the event and request a refund. Refunds will be considered on a case by case basis accompanied with a medical certificate.